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Welcome to ONE WORLD Citizens

We are an international community of young locals, newcomers and community leaders from homelands of migrants and developing countries.

We work together as Living Legends with Shared IDs for achievement of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development in 2030!

Our key values are: Trust, Diversity for Unity, Equality, Togetherness, Sharing & Helping.

We work together by #DailyAction with #NoOneLeftBehind and making #WorkOfBasicNeeds, empowering YOUth to become Living Legends!

More about us

We Grow Together to 1 World

We work based on the 17 Global

Goals to take ACTION locally & globally

4 Categories

With No One Left Behind, because we cannot succeed if half of the world is held back!

We work from the Power of Youngsters from all kind of cultures, backgrounds, education levels and lifestyles, taking the lead to Action for Change by organizing:

  1. Quality Education by sharing ideas, knowledge and good examples of change and training in ICT, Technology and the sustainable topics of the 17 Global Goals.
  2. Social Entrepreneurship to turn ideas into start-ups and new jobs, to implement innovation for social inclusion and sustainable change worldwide.
  3. Collaboration and the Dialogue with local governments and stakeholders to work together on future oriented development and policy making.

By this focus We Grow Together (WGT)

How we built the WGT Movement in 2016-2020

We take the lead for change as Living Legends

Youngsters who share ideas and good examples for change and help each other to work out the ideas into start-ups that can be copied in other communities, cities and countries. So that the good examples are scaled worldwide.


Our Global Concept

To implement change worldwide, with access for All Youth

Living Legends

Youngsters who work out their ideas for change into start-ups that are copied by youngsters in other villages, cities and countries. And help each other to implement the start-ups in their communities.

Global Goals Hubs

Local Hubs, where youngsters meet to work out their ideas for sustainable change into projects, startups and new (youth) employment. Supported by each other and local stakeholders.

Global Community

A community of Living Legends and Partners, who help each other to work out ideas into Start-ups by sharing knowledge, expertise, stuff and funding to implement innovation for change.

Global Partnerships

Global Goal 17 is priority to achieve the other 16 Global Goals in 2030. Therefore, we build a global network of youngsters and stakeholders who commit for the long term to support Living Legends.

Our Global Program given by & for youngsters

The global action program consists of 4 programs which are created, tested and led by a team of Living Legends. These programs can be copied by a Train the Trainer program by youngsters from other cities and countries. In this way we implement the program worldwide.

More About The Program

You can meet us online or offline in one of the local Global Goals Hubs