We create change by Shared IDs

We are a network of Living Legends, who undertake Shared IDs and help each other to copy and implement the Shared IDs in other cities, villages and countries.

By doing this we scale up Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development worldwide, by & for youngsters, by sharing & helping. From the power of communities, in a powerful way.

Empowered by ONE WORLDcitizens and the Global OWC community of youngsters and partners.

We Grow Together

Working from 3 core values

OUR Mindset

Every individual, each good idea or initiative for change counts!

In each of us a Shared ID and important contribution to a better world is hidden. We need each other and all Shared IDs we have together to undertake a better life and future of all, including our earth.

Our Workstyle

We Grow Together

We work from the Power of Youngsters for Youngsters and the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, with No One Left Behind. Because we cannot achieve the Goals if half of the world is held back.

Our Way to make achievement of the Global Goals in 2030 happen

With #NoOneLeftBehind by making #WorkOfBasicNeeds

We focus on collaboration with OWC Country Directors, young locals, youngsters from rural areas, low income communities and young migrants.

We work together on free access to ICT, Digital Literacy, Quality Education about Technology and Sustainable topics, Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship to create Work/employment of Basic Needs for all & sustainable development.

Every individual, each good idea for sustainable change counts!

The Living Legends team


Global Goals Rap Challenge

Jean Paul

UBUNTU Global Goals Song & Discover IT


ICT & Technology Hub


ICT Basic Training & Train the Trainer


ICT & Work of Water


YOUth For The Global Goals

Alice & Alberto

Able2sustain World Tour


Youth Halls in IDP camps


Quality Education in IDP camps


Coding Education


YouthStart Netherlands


Future Roots for Inclusion


Interactive Dialogue & Visuals


YouthStart Albania


YouthStart Austria

OWC Board of directors and management

Roos Sohier


Sjef Ernes

Vice Chairman

Carlijn Dekker


Martin Borst


Monique van Dam

Founder & OWC Entrepreneur