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November 8 from 2 to 4 pm at the Hubble Community Café

Awareness about the 17 Global Goals for sustainable development is growing! More and more people, municipalities, organizations and companies start sharing ideas and see the importance to work out ideas for change into Daily Action (projects, start-ups). And this is very good, very important, because the 17 goals have a deadline: 2030. This means: we have a little bit more than 10 years to achieve them. 

Besides this the Global Goals were launched in 2015 with the subtitle: With No One Left Behind, because we can’t achieve te Goals if half of the world is hold back.  This means: EVERYONE INCLUSIVE, working Bottom Up, from the Power of Communities and young community leaders.

Since 2016 youngsters from different countries work online together in the international ONE WORLD Citizens (OWC) network to work out their ideas for change into projects, start-ups with help of each other. In the Netherlands, in Eindhoven and Den Bosch, they organize the monthly Global Goals Hub to meet offline. To present their projects, start-ups to the Hub community of youngsters and local stakeholders. Sharing their current help questions and get answers during co-creation sessions.

By doing this 2 years in these 2 cities already we see: It makes sense to work from the power of local communities to support the projects, start-ups of youngsters! In this way we are able to create Daily Action and achieve the Global Goals bottom up, with No One Left Behind in 2030.

On November 8 the next Global Goals Hub will take place in Eindhoven at the Hubble Community Café. For more information and program, see the invitation below.

To read more about the Global Goals Concept, visit the OWC website.

We look forward to meet YOU in the Hub!

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