We Grow Together (Pop Up) Hub

Every individual, every good idea and initiative for change counts! a ONE World Citizen 🙂
The We Grow Together Hub offers an online & offline place for young people and other residents (migrants, expats, schools, entrepreneurs, NGOs, companies, government organizations, etc.) to develop their ideas for change into projects and start-ups that contribute to the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

  • As OWC is a platform for youngsters aged 10 to 30 years, projects of youngsters are central in the monthly Hub Events.
  • In the We Grow Together Hub you will find knowledge, expertise, new partnerships, you can participate in trainings and workshops or organize open meetings and workshops yourself.
  • The Hub is open for everyone who want to contribute to change and support of local youngsters who work out their ideas for change into projects or start-ups.
  • The Hub is organized with social capital, because there's always a win-win for the local community and  partners who offer their location.

We Grow Together Hub Concept & Program

Pop Up

The We Grow Together Hub can be organized at different locations, actually everywhere youngsters start their projects and start-ups: in community centers, youth centers, startup hubs, schools, companies, libraries, city offices, etc. 

Hubs in Connection

Every 3 months we connect online with Hubs in other countries to share projects, start-ups, help questions and find solutions together. 

Do you want to start a We Grow Together Hub in your city, your country?

It is possible! A Global Goals Hub can be organized without budget, with help of local partners. We'd love to explain how and to help you!