Living Legends as key to Unity and Change

In Global Society, Living Legends, Online Community, We Grow Together by Monique van Dam

Living Legends develop their ideas for change into ‘start-ups with income-generating model’ and help youngsters in other villages, cities, countries online to copy and implement their sample start-ups in the local communities. Sharing and helping are their keywords for action as the way to make change Globally in an accessible way. Living Legend: you can be one or help one!

From ideas to start-ups, so that you have maximum time for implementation of the change that want to makein your community. In general it takes 10 years to secure change (of lifestyle) in a group. By making work of your idea for change you have these 10 years for improvement and implementation because you have income. By making change in this way we are able to bring new employment, economic growth and future prospects in all countries.

Living Legends have an important contribution to change for 3 reasons:

  1. They bring sustainable change by implementation of innovation,
  2. in a way that makes them independent of grants, donations after the kickstart,
  3. and enables youngsters to stay in their communities by which braindrain and migration will decrease.   

‘Living Legends’ is about sharing ideas, knowledge, expertise, stuff and money for implementation. Working in online teams together. Everyone who has a smartphone and internet can join, share and help! With available time and/or money.

Youngsters from Kenya, Nepal, Rwanda, Kurdistan-Iraq and the Netherlands designed the concept, undertook the experiment and became the first examples of Living Legends. With the Business Model Canvas as one of the basic tools.

In ONE WORLD Citizens we support Living Legends in an international community of youngsters, knowledge institutions, partners, municipalities,  who contribute in many of ways! We also offer a Global basic training program for collaboration and training/coaching in online teams.

After 8 years of design and learning by doing, we can say: The concept is proven, the way Livings Legends share, copy and implement their ideas for change works really well! Together we can go for unity, solutions, start-ups and implementation of change worldwide. Bottom-up, from the grassroots, accessible, with No One Left behind!

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