This difficult period will write history in a powerful way

In Global Goals, Global Society, We Grow Together by Monique van Dam

Today half of the World has to stay at home due to the Corona virus. So many people died, so many things happened and changed already. None of us knows when this situation will end and what it will bring us in future. But one thing we know. It’s happening everywhere, in the whole world, everyone is involved.

Let’s ensure that this difficult and sad period gets a good follow-up by standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder, sharing and working together as citizens of 1 World, because we can!

These days shows especially the power of Internet, communities, caring, sharing and helping each other. These are the social added values and experience that we can at least can take to the future.

Besides this we can clearly see it’s the right time to work out a new, global society and lifestyle in which:

  • Man and Earth are central.
  • We live in e new balance of individual goals and community goals.
  • We embrace the 17 Global Goals that can give us a strong frame and guidance to focus and work on community goals.
  • We provide online education to all youth.
  • We change our schools from static into active learning centres where our youth become prepared to build a new sustainable society worldwide together.
  • We take care that everyone has access to good internet and development of digital literacy to be connected.
  • We involve ideas, wisdom, inspiration and active participation of youth* and senior citizens* in our society. Not only to volunteer but to add their important value to change. 

* In today’s society youth and the elderly are out of the question, are not taken seriously while they make such an important contribution!

We will certainly succeed if we keep these common values in mind:

  • We all have the same 30 Human Rights to health, education, income, wellbeing and prosperity.
  • Each of us has an important contribution to the society and is an important world citizen.

Let’s make it happen! Let’s see how we can work on this all together – including youth and elderly – the next weeks, months, years! If we succeed to implement  Global Change together this difficult period will write history in a powerful way.

To be continued!

Hereby the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development that we can go for now!