We Are the World

In We Grow Together by Monique van Dam

Change can only come when we stand together as 1. We are the world. We make the choice!

In this special time of staying #TogetherAtHome we discover the power of the internet and online collaboration by social media. What we see very clearly now: online education, training and collaboration really WORKS!

And this is what we saw 8 years ago when we started ONE WORLD Citizens to share and create education, training, good ideas for change with and for youngsters from very different backgrounds and countries.

  • We can create education with and for youngsters about social and sustainable issues, which is important for their future;
  • It is possible to work online in international teams to share ideas and good examples of sustainable change;
  • It is even possible to train and coach each other online to work out ideas for change into local projects and start-ups!

By doing this we can create free online education about actual important topics that all youth should learn everything about. In combination with a basic entrepreneurship program by which the youngest generations can build the sustainable society and future they want to achieve in an independent, affordable and global way!

From experience we can say: THIS IS HOW IT WORKS

  1. In every country and community there are youngsters with smartphones, with ideas for change that will work in their communities. Find them and connect with them by Facebook or w’app.
  2. Listen to their story, their ideas for change, their motivation, how they see that they develop the idea in their communitty and listen to their help questions*.
  3. Connect them online with youngsters and knowledge partners who want and can help working out the ideas into succesful projects or startups.

*Help given by sharing knowledge, expertise, training, stuff (social capital). And in the end the budget to implement the solution.  

In OWC we have many good examples of online teams that work together on Water, Food/Agriculture Innovation, Renewable Energy and ICT for all youngsters.

Growing together to 1 World is possible from the Power of the Internet and online collaboration!

And…. if you participate in it, it will bring many meaningful experiences, adventure and happiness to your personal life!

It’s up to us to live and act as 1 World. We are the World. We make the Choice!