We Grow Together to 1 WORLD

In Global Goals, Global Society, We Grow Together by Monique van Dam

Based on 17 Global Goals for social & sustainable change

The key values in action are: Trust, Diversity for Unity, Sharing, 17 Global Goals with No One Left Behind and UBUNTU: I am because We are!

Working together based on the 17 Global Goals with No One Left Behind. Signed by 193 country leaders. A precious instrument that we can use to go for until 2030!

COVID 19 brought us worldwide #TogetherAtHome worldwide. We can make this difficult time valuable!

  • This is the best moment to stay connected for more!
  • No time to waste.
  • We need each other to create a better life, a sustainable society and future for everyone.
  • It’s possible from the power of our communities working together for change online.  

Let’s make it happen together: 1 World for a better life and future for all!

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