How we work

Every individual, every good idea for sustainable change counts!Monique van Dam
We work from the Power of Communities and YOUth for The Global Goals.


We focus on social inclusion and sustainable development by working with the 17 Global Goals, signed by 193 countries.

3 main activities
  1. Quality Education: inspiration by good examples of startups and change of behavior and sharing knowledge, expertise about these.
  2. Social Entrepreneurship: to copy a good example or to work out your idea for change into a project or startup.
  3. Collaboration and Dialogues of Youngsters and Local Government to work together on future oriented development or policy making.

Global Concept & Program

To make the 3 main activities accessible for all youth, we developed the Global Concept and Program, undertaken by the Living Legends core team. By this Concept and Program we invite youngsters - aged 10 to 30 years - to share their idea for change and work out their idea into concrete project or startup and become a Living Legend. While working together in our international community of youngsters from different continents and countries.

Support & Network

To take care of good support of the Living Legends community and the projects, startups they undertake, we collaborate with Heroes & Friends and develop a Community Based Financial Model in co-creation with youngsters and innovative partners.

To enable as much as possible youngsters to get involved we focus on Global Goal 17: Global Partnerships, building a strong network of local, national and international partners.