OWC Mindset

We work from a strong Mindset for a new togetherness and global collaboration for achievement of the Global Goals 2030.

Every individual, every good idea and initiative for change counts! a ONE World Citizen 🙂

To make this acknowledgement work for all of us, we work from the OWC Mindset:

  • YOU: You are important! You have your own package of talents and ideas by which you have your important contribution to the society, a better world and future.
  • WE: As human beings we all are different and that's for a good reason! Each of us has his or her own package of talents, ideas and contribution, together we have all ideas for change we need today! Ideas and solutions to create a sustainable, wonderful world for everyone, including earth.
  • EARTH: Human and Earth belong together. Without each other, No future. Therefore it's important we give back what we take from the earth in everything we create and do.
  • DIY & DIT: Sustainable change you never can make alone. There is a famous saying wich says:
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!a World Citizen 🙂

So in the ONE WORLD Citizens community we invite you: Undertake* your idea for change (DIY = Do It Yourself) together with us (DIT = Do It Together). We share knowledge, expertise, help and if available means, money.

*To undertake your idea for change we developped a very nice basic program and brought young pioneers from all kind of countries together in the OWC community.

about YOU

Every individual, every good idea for change counts!
a World Citizen 🙂

It's time for another image of YOU, so that you are able to chose for your talents, ideas and contribution to change. To help you to start we share the e-book 'Introduction YOU'. In June 2019 we will offer a free online course that gives you all the tools you need to become a strong Living Legend if you chose to be one.

Let’s go!

It's easy. Start reading the e-book and use the tools below as soon as you start the Life Twister game on page 18. If you can not open the ISSUU, click the button below to open the e-book in PDF. Good Luck! 

Open the e-book in PDF