3 Ways to join us & start your contribution

1. By Helping & Sharing your Idea for change

If you have a good idea for change and when you are willing to share it in the Living Legends community, please do 2 things:

  1. Choose a SHARED ID project in which you can help, to find out how One World Citizens works.
  2. Send us info about your idea by email.

2. With your Project or Startup

If you have a running project or startup that can contribute as good example to an Inclusive Cliamte-proof society or one of the 17 Global Goals and if you are willing to share it in our Living Legends community, please send us concrete information about it by email.

3. As project partner or sponsor

If you want to support youngsters from the Living Legends community to startup their sustainable projects or startups by sharing your network, skills, stuff or cash, please let us know by email

    Email us.

    Call us.


    One World Citizens

    Netherlands - Phone: +31-646505065 – Chamber of Commerce: 56103271 – RSIN: 851975033 – Bank/IBAN: NL40 TRIO 0254840434