What we do

Everyone can be a teacher. We grow together by learning from & with each other!

We challenge and empower youngsters to create Shared IDs and become Living Legends. They teach each other about the Shared IDs and all knowledge, skills they need to copy and implement Shared IDs in different countries. 

OWC facilitates them by organizing access for all youth to our 3 main activities. For this we provide our Global Program, consisting of 8 subprograms and 2 ways for collaboration:

  • The 8 subprograms are led by a team of Living Legends and copied by & for youngsters in other cities, villages, countries by Train the Trainer programs and tools and online help of the Living Legends team.
  • There are 2 ways for collaboration: working online in international teams or working offline in local Global Goals Hubs.

With the local Global Goals Hub we support online teams who work on Shared IDs by:

  • Monthly meetings and trainings Co-creation sessions on the running projects to share help questions.
  • 3-monthly Hubs in Connection Events, in which Hubs from all countries connect by Livestream for sharing experience, projects and help questions
  • 2-yearly Community days with presentations, co-creation with local stakeholders and the dialogue of youngsters and policy makers.

Besides this we organize:

  • Regularly International Youth Exchanges in which we bring OWC Country directors and teams together to inspire, share and work in co-creation on sustainable topics and Daily Action for achievement of the 17 Global Goals.
  • A yearly OWC Event 

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