We Grow Together Dialogue

We organize the yearly International we Grow Together Dialogue to bring young locals, young migrants, young community leaders from developing countries and policy makers together. To share vision, ideas for sustainable change and solutions to achieve the 17 Global Goals in 2030 with No One Left Behind. Because we see ...

Young locals, young migrants and young community leaders from homelands/developing countries are essential partners for building the sustainable society and economy we all need to have future. ONE WORLD Citizens

In 2018 we started with the Dialogue theme ‘Social Inclusion’: How can we contribute to this together? Acting in 2 directions: social inclusion by better integration of newcomers and by job creation and future perspective for youngsters in homelands, developing countries.

We organized this 1st conference with NGO’s, young locals and migrants from 9 countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, India, Nepal, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden.

After the conference we started the online We Grow Together community to make a greater impact for Social Inclusion together and prepare the 2019 Dialogue Conference.

Report of the WGT Dialogue for Incusion Conference 2018

We Grow Together Conference 2019

In 2019 the Dialogue theme was ‘Being Part of the Solution’: How can we contribute to better integration of young migrants and future perspective of youngsters in homelands/developing countries by ICT, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and local communities of youngsters and young migrants?

120 youngsters took part from 15 countries. Also from Nepal, Kurdistan-Iraq, Kenya and Rwanda. To become aware of the Power they have all together as young locals, young migrants and young community leaders from homelands/developing countries!

We Grow Together Conference 2020

In 2020 the theme of the Dialogue Conference will be: We Grow Together for the Global Goals. Due to the Corona Virus we made a Plan B: the Dialogue conference will be held online from October 18 to 23 in 2020 and live from January 31 to February 5 in 2021.

Preparations already started! Participants from the conferences 2018 and 2019 are meeting each other every 2 weeks during the FUTURE ROOTS Dinner to share about Global Goals topics and how to achieve the Goals with No One Left Behind.

If you want to folloe the preparations, please visit the We Grow Together Facebook Page

Together for a social & sustianable movement!

  • To strengthen the positive movement for social inclusion and sustainlable change with youngsters, empowerment and  social entrepreneurship training are essential! By this the youngsters are able to work out their good ideas for change themselves & together!
  • Therefore, from ONE WORLD Citizens and the YouthStart European Entrepreneurship Network we organize the FUTURE ROOTS program in which young locals, migrants and community leaders from homelands are trained in the same way.
    • to create their startups for change and
    • to become community trainers of the empowerment & social entreprenuership program
    • and to become community leaders who lead the program in their cities, villages, countries.
    • by this we can scale up the training and support in Europe and beyond!
  • That's why we continue organizing the yearly We Grow Together Dialogue Conference to bring an active group of young locals, migrants and community leaders from homelands/developing countries together with local Local and European policymakers. To find solutions for change and make impact together! To combine the local and European Agendas  on Migration with the Agendas for Sustainlabe Change!

Call for Action to everyone who want to be included

Making the positive Movement for Social Inclusion & Sustainable Change can only happen if  We Grow Together! If we work together as local and international communities and governments.

We can work together to make it happen! You're welcome to join us!

In co-production with our partners


More report about the Dialogue 2018

Life Story Research with young migrants. To find out which topics should be on the Dialogue tables Martha Mutesi and her team interviewed young migrants about their needs for better integration and Pradeep Sapkota from Nepal shared his expereince about basic needs for future perspective in homelnds (prevention of migration).

These 4 of the 8 topics were chosen by the participants.

How can youngsters best collaborate, inspire each other by sharing ideas and work together in co-creation for prevention of migration?

How can we (young locals and migrants) work together to make each other feel home and to become part of the local community?

How can we minimalize the cultural shock, how can we help them to learn about the culture and get used to cultural differences?

How can we support young migrants in learning the essential skills they need to become part of the society and to build their new lives?

Contribution to recommendations for European policy making

The outcome of the We Grow Togeher Dialogue 2018 we shared during the BPE conference Youth Work Impacts Europe that took place in Slovenia on September 2018.

In the Becoming a Part of Europe (BPE) project 2017-2019, 8 European Erasmus+ Agencies work together for recommendations on policymaking for the European Agenda on Migration.


This was our contribution to the recommendations.


Martha Mutesi, our inspirational spokesman!!

Our contribution to the recommendations

It's very important that young migrants, refugees and asylumseekers become part of a local community of youngsters that feels like new family and friends as soon as they arrive.

  • To learn by doing, in contact with peers about the new language, the essential skills they need to become part of the society, the daily life system (expectations) in the new country;
  • to share about their culture, values, homelands;
  • and have access to training in ICT Basic skills, development of talents, entrepreneurial skills and education.

By this young locals and young migrants are able to create meaningful projects and startups to build up their new lives, while contributing to the society.