LIVING LEGENDS change to world by Shared IDs

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Bottom up, with No One Left Behind, our Earth included! Because we can’t create a better world if half of the world is left behind!

From September 2012 – before the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development were launched – youngsters aged 10 to 30 years started building the ONE WORLD Citizens (OWC) Network. The network that brings together the pioneers of change to share IDs (Ideas and Identities) and help each other to work out the ideas into social projects and enterprises. Online, free or costs by using social media and social capital.

Why? Because the youngest generations were born to shape the new society and lifestyle that gives all people a good, healthy and happy life, including our Earth.

A good, healthy and happy life not for a few, but for everyone. That’s what the LIVING LEGENDS* in OWC choose to go for. So what they see is not a coincidence, it’s evolution. The movement is stable and growing.

*A LIVING LEGEND is a youngster who works out his or her idea for change into a social project or start-up, with the help of the community. Willing to help youngsters in other villages, cities, countries to copy the project or start-up through online coaching & training.

Meet LIVING LEGENDS Alice & Alberto

End of June 2019 Alice Korsch and Alberto Andrade Juarros left the Netherlands for a year to undertake the Able2sustain World Tour. To do ‘Daily Life Research’ and create Copyable DIY Solutions, by which they show that anyone, anywhere in the world can choose for a sustainable work & life style, because this is the only way to secure our future and the future of our earth.

Follow or help them by the Able2sustain Website, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

It’s importat LIVING LEGENDS take action today! Hunger, lack of drink water, peace, electricity, good internet … it’s still happening on large scale! We can solve these ‘basic needs’ challenges by working together if we want. That’s what the youngest generations see. That’s why OWC started building an international network to support LIVING LEGENDS. To create a Global movement by copyable examples.

Let’s make change happen worldwide this way! #WeGrowTogether